Things to do!

Well looks like the Coyotes made the playoffs. I suggest you  go to any of the games because they are very cheap and very affordable.  30 dollars for nose bleeds is a deal.  They are 75 to 100 at the Wells Fargo Center In Philadelphia! Now if you want to stay away from sports, I have a great place for you.  If I had ten weeks to live and I was stuck in AZ, I would go to the Heard Museum or the Phoenix Art Museum. Two great places to see great art.  the Heard Museum is more focused to Southwestern art and Native American art.  Now I am not too sure but the Heard Museum has Traditional Native American Dances! I suggest you check it out.  Now if you like sports, The AZ diamond backs started their season and they play downtown, while the Phoenix Coyotes are fighting to stay alive as a team in the playoffs and as a franchise.  Every game they win, the more money they make.  If they lose and get swept, they will probably go to Winnipeg! So support your team! I hope all is well to my fellow readers.  Do you guys have any questions, comments or concerns? If so Please give me great feedback and I will compare Phoenix to Philadelphia.  Anything and Everything!  People say they love their team and their city, but I really do.  I am the face of Philadelphia and I love every minute of being in City of Brotherly Love!

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Yeah About The Internet

Sorry Folks. Thought I posted one last night, but looks like the internet went down again! Anyway this weekend I will be discussing various topics. I will have a video camera in front of me and we will go from there.  Any suggestions?  Any ideas? So far everything is going well.  Look out for a video this weekend!

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Coyotes game vid!

Check out this video! I made it and I took these photos! Enjoy!

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Coyotes Game!

On of the best things to do when you are stuck in Arizona is…..going to a Coyotes game.  It reminds me of home. It reminds me a lot!!!! The Coyotes plated the Blue Jackets and the Coyotes shut them out.  It was a huge game.  I really love the team.  They remind me of the Flyers of the 1980’s.  It is sad that they are bankrupt and they cannot find an owner.  However, I will say this…. Tickets were cheap.  I sat in the lower level center ice for 20 bucks!  In Philly, you would have to shell out at least a 100 bucks or more!  There are only two problems….the fan base and the location.  Glendale is so far away.  That is why they are bankrupt in my opinion.  The other problem is the fan base.  The fan base is brutal! In my opinion Phoenix has the worst sports fan base and fans in America.  And this is coming from a guy who cheered when Michael Irving was laying motionless on the turf at Veteran’s Stadium!  I will post pictures and a video-picture reel very soon.  My health has taken a deep sharp decline.  I’m hacking up a storm and I am very ill.  I must say the venue was great.  I have gone to many games there.  The one problem is the goal song.  Why did they change it? Why? All I hope is that the Coyotes get an owner and make it to the playoffs.  If not they will be going to Winnipeg.  Which won’t surprise me at all.  The question of the day to my fellow followers…. should the Coyotes go back to their old  goal song which was “Crowd Chant”, by Joe S. or Should they keep the new one? Click on Crowd Chant to hear the old one and click on the new to hear the new one!


Look out for the pictures and video blog!

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In Center City.

The big surprise this week was the ability to travel to Philadelphia! It was awesome.  I was actually in Delaware this week for the Arizona State’s ACHA national tournament.  Sadly, we lost to Oklahoma in the first round.  Davenport ended up winning the whole thing by beating the number 1 heavily favored team in the county. Lindenwood. They are beasts and they lost in overtime.  After the tournament I figured I come home and see what was going on.  I did my usual.  I went to Le Bec, had a cheesesteak at Lorenzo’s in South Philly, and I went back to my old old old original stomping grounds.  I had to drop off the whip (the Car) to Volvo of Fort Washington because those ding bats screwed up and I had to get inspection done because I got a $41 ticket from the PPA. (Philadelphia Parking Authority. So, Anyway, Upper Dublin. Man, it is strange for me to go back.  Time flies.  I have many mixed emotions.  Part me that says, “Wow I had some great times growing up here” and others are, “I fucking hate this place”.  A lot of it was personal reasons. A lot of people screwed me in that town. A lot of teachers and or administrators did not like me or my parents.  A lot of kids and parents did not like us either.  By the end of my senior year I had to get the hell out.  I went as far as possible. I went to Arizona State.  I didn’t want to be the typical Upper Dublinite as I say, and go to Penn State, Temple, Pitt, Drexel, or West Chester. I also went to Arizona State because my old guidance counselor, before she left….. she said my best option was Montgomery County Community College. That’s the other reason why I am out in AZ. To prove that gutless worthless bitch wrong and all the other haters In UD wrong.  That is probably the only reason why I am still out here in AZ.  Enough of me venting, I went and I took a picture of my old high school that is being torn down.  A lot of love and hate with it going.

So the question is…. After I become successful, do I move back to piss these people off and get my last laugh but at the same time they could screw my kids over? or Do I move to a township that is better and closer to Philadelphia and still try to rub it in these pricks faces?


I feel great after this rant and I feel even better being home. The real home. Check out the photo!


2007 memories...


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check out this vid!

I made this video on how to make a cheesesteak. Hopefully this is the final time I mention this sandwich. I got other things I want to discuss.  So check it out.  You will be amazed. The surprise is….this week I have been cleared to fly! I am going home for two weeks! Philadelphia here I come! Check out my Video !!!!!



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Let Make A Cheeseteak

Today through the power of pictures, I will show you how to make a cheesesteak.  It is really not that hard. In fact it is easy and cheap! Above are the photos.  Last time I told you how to do it.  So in all honesty there is no reason to tell you how to do it again! It would sound like I am beating a dead horse with a baseball bat. I think this will be the last time I will talk about cheesesteaks. In fact, I am “cheesesteaked” out.  I’m tired of them.  So I have a few week left and so little time.  Oh there will be a surprise by the way.  I actually might get a taste of my freedom.  We will see. I will keep you posted.  In the mean time……  I have a few suggestions to add in your kitchen.

  • Go buy the Le Bec Fin recipe book.  Le Bec is a world famous restaurant that has been in center city for over 40 years and is one of the best of the best.
  • learn how to make dutch apple pie from “ye ol country”. I love Amish food and baked goods.
  • Finally do you like Sndyer’s sour dough pretzels? They are from Hanover, PA. A little far but still awesome.  Boom.


Have a great weekend.  Look out for the surprise.



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